Thursday, 16 August 2012

Getting Rid of Face Warts? Beware of scars

Warts on the face are small, rough, raised bumps on the face. They are usually both, fairly common and harmless at the same time. The only common problem is associated with aesthetic reasons. I mean, just who would like to have these 'horrible creatures' on his/her face.
The warts on the face usually have a tendency to form and group in clusters. In extreme cases, these clusters may come to grow up to as many as a hundred warts, but usually they are much smaller. In general there are two types of facial warts: flat warts and common warts.
It is possible to get rid of face warts by various methods, ranging from surgical procedures to over the counter treatments as well as DIY, home treatments.
Surgical procedures like cryosurgery, electosurgery and laser therapy have to be performed by professional physicians. These procedures are quite painful and the healing process will probably take some time. You might also be forced to go for more than one visit in order to treat the same wart. Further more, these wart removal procedures could also end up leaving one or more scars on the face.
Other types of treatments include over the counter medicines like creams, lotions, gels etc.
Finally, there are also various home remedies such as using duct tape, garlic, vinegar and other home methods that people have been using for many years.
No matter which type of face wart removal treatment you're thinking of going with, you should always keep in mind the fact that what is at stake is your face and the possibility of a scar always exist. I mean, if we're talking foot warts, a scar on the foot is hardly noticeable, but your face is a different proposition altogether - Lol :)

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